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Precision CNC machining machining process and fixture design challenges discussed

CNC machine tool fixture design must pay special attention to the difficult problems

    (A) Accurate positioning of fixture

    Accurate and precise positioning is the most important problem to be paid special attention to in the process of fixture design, which is also the basic necessity of fixture design. In the process of accurate positioning of the fixture, the staff must improve the control of the fixture parts, and according to this way can make the fixture have accurate and precise positioning. Mold CNC machining before carrying out CNC machining, the staff must first realize the accurate parts of the CNC lathe programming parts processing diagram analysis, to establish the basic starting point of each workpiece parts, to prevent in the case of parts in danger can not find the corresponding replacement parts. Staff in accordance with the corresponding provisions of the fixture will be installed in the CNC lathe after the corresponding adjustment can be carried out according to the basic starting point of the parts, CNC precision machining can reasonably ensure the accuracy of the fixture, and at the same time can also ensure the scope of CNC machining.

    (II) the adaptability of the fixture

    In the design program staff on the home design process, the difference in the type of workpiece will cause CNC machining process often requires different fixtures, which causes repeatedly dismantling and changing fixtures in the process of CNC machining will cause a corresponding reduction in work efficiency, or because of the carelessness of the staff in the process of changing fixtures cause deviations. In order to better deal with the frequent dismantling and changing of fixtures and the decline of CNC machining quality of this problem, the staff in the case of fixture design, should carry out a comprehensive analysis of the characteristics and appearance design of the workpiece produced and processed, as far as possible to make the design scheme out of the fixture more suitable for the appearance design characteristics of the workpiece, and thus reduce the frequency of dismantling and changing. In addition, the fixture design staff should pay more attention to the flexibility between the fixture and the workpiece to improve the rationalization of the design scheme. For the traditional type of mechanical automation production in China, CNC machining has better accuracy, high efficiency and reliability and other merit standards, CNC machining technology has also become the key application of technology in China at this stage in the production of processing technology. As the key fixture in the new technology of CNC machining work, its effective application can improve the quality and precision of production processing at a certain level. I look forward to the analysis of the current status of the machining process and fixture design in today's CNC machining with the help of the text, can give assistance to the staff concerned.