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What is the treatment method for the appearance of CNC workpieces?

The processing method of the surface of CNC machined parts first depends on the technical requirements for processing the surface. However, it should be noted that these technical requirements are not necessarily the requirements specified in the part drawing, and sometimes they may be higher than the requirements on the part drawing in some respects due to technological reasons. For example, due to the misalignment of the benchmarks, the processing requirements for the surface of some cnc workpieces are increased.
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When the technical requirements for the appearance of each CNC machined part are understood, the final processing method that can guarantee the request can be selected accordingly, and several working steps and processing methods of each working step are definitely required. The selected CNC machining method should meet the requirements of the quality of the parts, good processing economy and high production efficiency.

For this reason, the following factors should be considered when choosing a machining method. The machining accuracy and surface roughness that can be achieved by any CNC machining method have a considerable range, but only within a narrow range is economical. The machining accuracy of the range is the economic machining accuracy.

For this reason, when choosing a processing method, the corresponding processing method that can achieve economical processing accuracy should be selected, and the nature of the CNC machined material should be considered. It is necessary to consider the structural shape and size of CNC machining parts. Consider consumption rates and economic requirements. High-efficiency advanced technology should be used when mass consumption is large. Even the manufacturing method of the blank can be basically changed, which can reduce the labor of machining.